One of my proudest moments in my career! On April 24, 2014, Maddie’s Fund held a kick-off party for their annual Maddie’s Adoption Days. Part of the ceremony included awards for those who entered and won in Maddie’s Marketing Competition. So, I was nervous about it because (1) I didn’t run it by anyone else before I submitted my entry, (2) I chose not to go with anyone else’s advice, and (3) I went out on a limb and did a gutsy move – I entered a category that didn’t exist in the competition.

Well, looks like it worked! (Phew!)

Pictured here with my hero, Muttville’s founder, Sherri Franklin, and our award. Sherri is not just the founder, she is also the very person who came up with the concept for Muttville’s much loved icon.


So you want to see examples of Muttville’s award-winning brand identity?
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Adobe Slate features Muttville as its Nonprofit Cause Spotlight

April 19th, 2015


Adobe has been really good to me through the years as their Photoshop User Group Manager, but I was pleasantly surprised when Adobe chose to spotlight Switchblade’s Marketing work for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Watch the video commercial for Slate starring Muttville!


A truly easy tool for social media marketers who need to share great content on the go, Adobe Slate was launched early this month. In preparation for this launch, Adobe produced several videos showcasing the tool in action. They thought Muttville was a perfect example! And I couldn’t agree more (of course!) We shared how we could use Adobe Slate to create a professional, visually appealing webpage as an invitation to our weekly adoption events.

The Adobe team and video crew were true animal lovers. Before the day of filming was wrapped, they knew every dog who spent the day with them and even picked up on a few dogs’ quirky characters. They even got used to cleaning up a few pee puddles here and there!

Marie Macaspac, Marketing Director, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue