Remembering Collette through “Collette’s Cancer Fund”

April 5th, 2011

I am sending this special birthday wish to honor the life of my sweet Muttville hospice dog who passed away on March 22.

I wrote this blog post called “What Muttville Means To Me: The Story of Collette” so that everyone would know how much joy she brought to my world.

It would be the most wonderful gift to have each of my friends, clients, and colleagues donate to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in honor of Collette. Thanks to Muttville and our supporters, Collette received the best care possible that helped her beat cancer. She was my sweet companion for 15 months, and I want to thank everyone who knew her and sent sweet sentiments after her passing.

If everyone donated $20, your help would provide months of care for cancer dogs being treated through Muttville. Donate on Muttville’s website and mention that your donation is “in honor of Collette”, and your funds will be set aside for Collette’s Cancer Fund to treat our dogs with cancer.

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