What Makes a Great iPhone App? (besides being free)

November 28th, 2009

There have been many attempts to provide tips developing the best iPhone apps but there is one that is rarely mentioned, completely underestimated, and often unfulfilled. It is true, that most downloaded apps simple, yet addictive games; functional tools; and even apps priced higher than most would pay can make it to the iTunes store Top 25 list. There are even websites that give real time updates on the newest released apps. But what is within your power to get your app downloaded? Marketing.

We hear you – “You’re kidding me, right? I just spent a ton of time and money developing the app. I don’t have a budget to market what I built as my marketing tool.” Consider these options:

  • Social networking – share the info online not just to your friends who will hopefully tell their friends but share your information with common interest communities.
  • Search engine optimization of a blog – these user generated sites come up in search results so why not drop keywords in your blog? People are searching iPhone apps online. Talk about yours.
  • Existing marketing strategies – we all can’t get featured in an iPhone television commercial but if an iPhone app is just one of your marketing tools, why not drive traffic with a short mention similar to how that cute little, inconspicuous blue box/white “f” has been building fan bases like wild fires. Mention the app in existing marketing elements.

If you build a great app, whoever your target audience is, let them know. And if you are not sure the best way to do this, we can show you how.

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