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Capital Campaign for North Beach Citizens

January 31st, 2017


Client: North Beach Citizens

Challenge: The client needed a professional yet affordable capital campaign packet that captured the essence of their mission to provide services and assistance to the homeless people in the North Beach district of San Francisco.

Switchblade Solution: The organization had beautiful photography of various clients they had helped through the years, and we showcased their faces along with touching quotes. Rather than spend funds on high end paper stock, we felt the content brought the special touch they were looking for. The organization’s founder, Francis Ford Coppola was also featured (see below).




Website Design & Development for Blue Sparrow Holistic

January 28th, 2017

Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary

Client: Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls

Challenge: Dr. Araba Oglesby was ready to start her own veterinary practice, and she called Switchblade, thanks to client A Well Adjusted Pet. She recently completed her brand identity and was ready to build a new website.

Switchblade Solution: We loved Blue Sparrow’s brand identity logo and color palette. After reviewing that Dr. Oglesby’s desired needs and functions required for her practice, we incorporated our expertise, and the result is a beautiful, professional website showcasing Blue Sparrow’s services.


Website Design and Development for High Tail Hotel

February 1st, 2012

Client: High Tail Hotel

Challenge: Owners Victoria Robinson and Alan McElroy have a thriving business with lots of great photos, videos, and stories to share with their customers, and they were posting entirely on Facebook because their website was an antiquated HTML website that didn’t enable them to self-manage the content nor did it have a blog.

Switchblade Solution: Easy solution! Victoria and Alan wanted simple, simple, simple. They also have very enthusiastic staff members who couldn’t wait to contribute photos and stories for the blog. We set them up on a Squarespace Content Management System and everyone agreed the admin panels were a piece of cake.

High Tail Hotel was nominated in BayWoof’s Beast of the Bay 2012 Awards, so it was great timing to launch the new site with the announcement, and we cross our fingers that they will soon be announcing High Tail Hotel as Beast of the Bay 2012 winners too! Voting is until Feb. 10, 2012!

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Reaches 2000 Facebook Likes in Less Than 4 Months

September 16th, 2011
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue  Facebook

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Facebook:

Congrats to Muttville! A pretty awesome achievement. How was it done? Read on….

Back in May, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue had the unfortunate task of replacing a Facebook GROUP page and building a brand new Facebook Business Page. In May, Facebook announced that Group pages were changing in a way that would limit the way Muttville communicates with its members. Another misfortune was the timing. Muttville had just launched its “1000th Senior Dog Rescue” Celebration with several media, press and new online and website material. Alot of marketing and on top of that they had to start a brand new Facebook page starting with 0 Likes!

Muttville actually wished they originally started their Facebook presence with a Business page, but after accumulating almost 2000 members on the Group page, it seemed like a daunting task. Group pages are limited in the level of customization that can be done, so in reality Muttville was missing out on opportunities to reach out to Facebook users as a result of being “stuck” in a Group page. Facebook was not going to accommodate requests from hundreds of Group page owners requesting to change Group pages into Business Pages.

The good news was that the creation of the new Muttville Facebook Business Page could be tied in with the ongoing campaign celebrating Muttville’s 1000th. Switchblade was up for the challenge! We were already a driving force behind the 1000th dog campaign and were already well-tuned with the high level customization tools available for Facebook Business pages.

Switchblade created several custom tabs for the new Muttville Facebook page upon launch:

  • Welcome Page with different message for Fans vs Non-Fans that linked to
  • 1000th Rescue Celebration with several links back to
  • Become A Mutt Guardian: a sign up drive was part of the celebration. It led back to a main page on
  • Our First 1000 Dogs: A fun new interactive page showcasing all 1000 dogs rescued to date that lived on
  • Our Mutts; Adopt Me!: Muttville’s RSS Feed of each adoptable dog’s profile was instantly posted on the Wall, and also a custom tab listed the latest 40 dogs for adoption.
  • Join the Muttville Family: Muttville is always looking for volunteers, donations,  fosters, and adopters. Here was special page that quickly and easily directed folks to the right page to learn more info and sign up.
  • Youtube: Videos increase the chances of our dogs getting adopted, and Muttville has a steadily growing library of videos.
  • Muttville Merchandise: Muttville’s brand has always been quite popular so Switchblade manages an online store with every possible clothing item imaginable, from human gear (undies, sweats, tees) and doggy clothing and bandanas. Again, it is a feed that directs them straight to the store.
  • Muttville “Woofs” You guessed it, here are tweets fed onto a custom tab. Muttville consistently tweets every day, from dog profiles, upcoming events, and sharing informative tweets from its following.
  • Check-In: We also merged the “Places” page with the Business Page so that folks could “check in” when dropping by Muttville Manor.

Muttville steadily and consistently grew their Likes on average 10 new Likes per day. At that rate, you can see that they easily would reach at minimum 400 new Likes per month. From June through mid-July, Switchblade managed Muttville’s social media campaign to promote “Moolah For Mutt”, their annual fundraiser. In that time span, numbers were above average with multiple marketing strategies in progress and at that time there was a special custom tab to promote the fundraiser and sell tickets on the event’s webpage.

Interestingly, the 2000th Like arrived at 12:30am of the 16th of September from a fan in Kentucky!  That impressive number didn’t stay very long. New fans keep coming every hour. Muttville fans are very active on the page. For  new post, interaction occurs within the first 5 minutes, and it is very common to receive at least 10 likes or comments. But Muttville not only shares, they also regularly interact and comment too with their fellow rescues, supporters and fans outside of their page. Muttville engages and interacts with comments, photos and links, and shows their gratitude as often as possible to retailers hosting adoption events, folks who donate, volunteers, fosters, and publications with articles about Muttville.  Aside from online activity, Muttville is very active with monthly outreach events every weekend and countless “citizen marketers” who distribute Muttville cards and flyers everywhere they go.

How did Muttville reach 2000 Likes in less than four months? I guess it’s no secret with all this flurry of activity. What about adoption rates, one may ask? Google Analytics for the past week (Sept. 5-11) showed traffic of 17,000 visitors to The previous week was slightly higher at 22,000 visitors. Muttville publicist Patty Stanton informed us that Muttville receives an average of 3 adoption application per day. A weekly blog post congratulating the “Adopted Mutts of the Week” reports an average of 6 dogs with new homes per week.

Congrats to Muttville! Now on to the next achievement!!



The Start of Something GIGANTIC! Brian Barneclo’s Systems Mural Project

August 29th, 2011

Systems Mural Project by Brian Barneclo in San Francisco

You never know how exciting its really going to be until the paint goes up on the wall. Brian Barneclo completed his first week on the largest canvas he’s worked on, The Systems Mural Project located on 7th at Townsend in San Francisco. We’ve been on his team of advisors, helping to raise funds for the project since last year.  Brian has been confident that everyone will get motivation once he starts painting, and now that the time is here, we are definitely excited! Switchblade’s offices aren’t far from Brian’s canvas, so we’ll be dropping by, walking dogs, throughout the project.

Keep up with Brian’s latest updates on Systems Mural’s Facebook page

UPDATE! The mural was completed in September 2011. .Check out the new website,


Thank you Bert Monroy For Your Inspiring Presentation

July 15th, 2011

I was honored to host the night's presentation with Bert Monroy for Switchblade's San Franciso Photoshop Users Group.

Switchblade hosted a very spectacular 2 1/2 hour presentation with Photoshop pioneer and renowned digital artist, Bert Monroy. With nearly 300 Photoshop User Group members RSVP’d, it was a packed house and our captivated audience just couldn’t get enough!

Bert showed us some of his most stunningly beautiful artwork, digital art so realistic that even when viewing enlarged at 500% it is unbelievable. His mastery of Photoshop tools that leaves us wishing we could be so talented. He showcased his four-year project, Times Square (which took 7 minutes to load at HALF its actual size!) and graciously raffled his DVD of how he tackled and eventually completed his masterpiece.

Bert shared so much, and still wished he had time to talk about filters and 3D! Most certainly we can’t wait to have him return and grace us with his talent for another evening.


Many thanks goes  to  Zorana Gee, our Photoshop Product Manager and co-host for the evening.

Switchblade “proud” to be part of Muttville, SF SPCA, and Pet Food Express March in 2011 San Francisco Pride

June 27th, 2011

Muttville hand fans for the crowd!

Some say that this year’s Pride Parade went to the dogs! Even wrote a feature on this phenonemon. In preparation for the big day, Switchblade was very honored to work with Pet Food Express and Muttville to design their commemorative 2011 Pride tees, crowd-pleasing hand fans, and the banner that proudly led the way during the march.

Corey of Pet Food Express sporting the comemorative Muttville tee


And of course, we couldn’t wait to show off the tees ourselves, donning the beautiful face of Maxwell, the 1000th Muttville rescue.


Muttville's new banner introduced at 2011 Pride parade

Muttville's new banner introduced at 2011 Pride parade

Marie with Muttville's Kay and the mutts: Winston, Spidey, and Lola

Marie with Muttville's Kay and the mutts: Winston, Spidey, and Lola









Many thanks to Corey of Pet Food Express and Javae of Andresen for printing all the collateral!

Website Design, Development & SEO for “small club”

June 10th, 2011

Client: small club: big adventures for small dogs

Challenge: Like so many clients that have come our way this year, small club needed to keep up with the online scene and create a website that not only had the bells and whistles, but allowed them to share their many stories of clients, which happen to be dogs! They also wanted an efficient way to collect client information. Its services had expanded with boarding and daycare services, so the need had become more urgent.

Switchblade Solution: Since we already love dogs and have a good connection with the animal rescue community, we were able to give insight on how to best communicate small club’s involvement as volunteers as well as showcase their services in a playful way.

small club’s founder had pretty great writing abilities (using the voice of his pack leader, calvin), but he didn’t have the proper platform to share them. we seamlessly integrated a blog built in WordPress, and to the joy of our client, blogging was as simple as launching an iPhone app, posting photos taken on the iPhone, and posting even when on the go during a small club walk. we additionally embedded a feed from Flickr where photos are showcased instantly once posted.

UPDATE: Since their site launch in May 2011, small club is amazed at the traffic they’ve received in such a short period of time. We boosted their site with our SEO package, and in one week the website already ranked #1 for “small dog walking” and “small dog boarding”. They were so thrilled they had to blog about it! Read the blog article on small clubs’s website.

Logo and Brand Identity for Small Club

May 2nd, 2011

small club: big adventures for small dogs

Client: Small Club: “Big Adventures For Small Dogs”

Challenge: Client’s business was ready for a professional look, now that the business had grown in size and expanded its services. Client knew that he liked a simple clean look with a traditional style font with a subtle touch of modernity.

Switchblade Solution: A clean sharp canvas is a great way to showcase the colorful, bright photography of its canine clients. Small Club’s simple brand identity with the goal of being a canvas for photos also helped it to stand out for flyers and on message boards of vet offices, stores, dog parks. Read more about our design for Small Club’s website.


Muttville Achieves Landslide Victories in BayWoof’s “Beast of the Bay 2011” Awards

March 3rd, 2011


Congratulations to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for their overwhelming victories in BayWoof’s “Beast of the Bay 2011” Awards! Voted Best Rescue Group and Best Canine Cause, Muttville has the special honor of winning both these awards two years in a row. This year, they won both categories by a whopping 46% and 40%, while 2nd place winners trailed at around 28%.


Social media and networking amongst their passionate volunteers surely played a significant role. Muttville does not necessarily stand out in their statistics for followers in comparison to Bad Rap, Wonder Dog Rescue, or Grateful Dog Rescue. Bad Rap has over 44,000 “Likes” for their Facebook page in comparison to Muttville’s 2200 “Likes”. Where Muttville does relevantly stand out in the world of online marketing is the quality and consistency in their messages.

On the surface, it might have appeared to be a challenge to implement a social media strategy system that would be executed solely by volunteers. In these last two years that Switchblade has been overseeing Muttville’s marketing strategy, it actually has made it easier. While volunteer staff may revolve and donated hours can be sporadic, having a consistent system in place with schedules and categorized messaging for blogs, posts, and tweets keeps activity flowing, where volunteers can contribute to a grid of opportunities.

We recently reported Muttville’s achievements in surpassing 1000 Twitter followers, 2000 Facebook followers and quickly approaching a remarkable 1000 dogs rescued. Muttville also averages over 2000 unique visitors to their website per week with over 10,000 weekly page views. The actual numbers aren’t a big deal, but the statistics in achieving these numbers is what makes a difference. Muttville is by far the youngest organization amongst their fellow nominees. Founded in 2007, Muttville has barely reached four years old this past February. Bad Rap and Grateful Dog have been rescuing dogs for over 10 years and 20 years respectively.  Where youth may have played an interesting role in Muttville’s fast-growing achievements is in the foresight of Founder and Executive Director Sherri Franklin to realize the importance of embracing online marketing and educate herself in social media practices by attending seminars and contributing to the marketing activities.

Aside from all the social media and marketing statistics, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue holds a unique niche in the dog rescue community: Saving senior dogs! This worthy cause has become popular and recognized in the Bay Area substantiated by their “Best Canine Cause” Award. “I heard that we are the trendy and cool group to join,” said Muttville volunteer and publicist Patty Stanton. “We’re proud to share our good fortunes, like when we won a car on the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ show or when Gogol Bordello donated a show to us at Slim’s.”

At the heart of it all is, in fact, heart. Switchblade included, supporters and volunteers all do their part for Muttville because of passion, dedication, and just plain ol’ love for the old dogs. Thanks Muttville. And congrats!!