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Logo and Brand Identity for Small Club

May 2nd, 2011

small club: big adventures for small dogs

Client: Small Club: “Big Adventures For Small Dogs”

Challenge: Client’s business was ready for a professional look, now that the business had grown in size and expanded its services. Client knew that he liked a simple clean look with a traditional style font with a subtle touch of modernity.

Switchblade Solution: A clean sharp canvas is a great way to showcase the colorful, bright photography of its canine clients. Small Club’s simple brand identity with the goal of being a canvas for photos also helped it to stand out for flyers and on message boards of vet offices, stores, dog parks. Read more about our design for Small Club’s website.


SEO and Online Marketing Strategy for Andrew Scoular’s Blue Turtle Spa

February 10th, 2011

Client: Andrew Scoular / Blue Turtle Spa

Challenge: Andrew has many goals for Blue Turtle Spa, both for his brick& mortar locations in San Francisco as well as his online store at Andrew was in need of marketing expertise to build an online clientele in preparation for his ultimate goal of developing his own line of skin care products.

Switchblade Solution: We came to Andrew’s rescue and consulted on how he could maximize his online efforts to build a brand. Andrew’s years of experience were clearly seen on his blog, Facebook profile, and YouTube Channel, but he needed our  help to optimize the media he had created to reach a greater audience with a Social Media Strategy.

Online Fundraising Campaign for Friends of SF Animal Care & Control

January 18th, 2011

Client: Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control

Challenge: Friends of SFACC President, Jane Tobin, was new to online marketing but knew that she wanted to reach a wider audience. Having worked together on the rain-out Pride Pride Day 2010, Jane gave us the opportunity to show her what we could do for her non-profit organization.

Switchblade Solution: Understanding the need to achieve an effective campaign with a small budget, Switchblade utilized valuable free or low-cost tools to utilize their large subscriber list of donors, sponsors, and volunteers. We organized a multi-level fundraising email campaign with a holiday plea for year-end donations.

Coupled with a traditional direct mail campaign, it was their largest outreach ever. With the success of this campaign, Switchblade and Friends of SFACC will likely be working on several campaigns in 2011 to raise much needed funds for shelter animals and programs for animal care.

Logo and Brand Identity for Not Just Animals!

May 20th, 2010

Logo/Identity for Not Just Animals!

Client: Not Just Animals!

Challenge: Client needed a new identity that would appeal to a wide audience and yet identify with younger demographics.

Switchblade Solution: We captured an urban feel and a complex message using simple iconic figures that are universally recognized.

SEO and Online Marketing Strategy for Mark Rogers Photography

March 10th, 2010

Client: Mark Rogers / Mark Rogers Photography

Challenge: Mark, a successful photographer, well-known in the San Francisco Bay Area for his beautiful work with non-profits organizations and local dog rescue groups, was rebuilding his website in WordPress CMS. We consider Mark very technically savvy, as you can see by his self-produced website. Although he had researched on SEO practices, he realized that it was more work than he could juggle as a business owner. Having seen our work and witnessed the results for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, he called upon us to implement SEO and examine his online marketing strategy.

Switchblade Solution: Because Mark was already quite knowledgeable with online marketing, we could see that his social media strategy was in great shape, so we made sure his SEO was equally effective. We also ensured that his search engine rankings wouldn’t drop as a result of changing his website, only improve steadily with SEO in place. Mark is currently in first place in the Bay List Awards for Best Pet Photographer, which is a testament to his great reputation and marketing.

Website Design & SEO for Doggie Boogie Movie

February 5th, 2010
Doggie Boogie Movie Website
The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires an effective yet evolving online presence that creates buzz from production through release. The producers wanted to showcase the concept to sponsors, investors, partners, cast and crew to raise capital, as well as excitement and participation.

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website thoroughly injected with promise that the film will be successfully produced and distributed.

The Results: A site that captures the wit, inspiration and character of the film.

What we learned from this experience: Professionalism need not be sacrificed when producing/promoting a quirky product.  A product website and its associated social media profiles must exude a common theme, perspective and relate to its intended audience.

Logo and Brand Identity for “Evening in Pawris: A Benefit for Muttville”

January 7th, 2010

Logo for Evening in Pawris

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Challenge: Client needed  a new identity for its inaugural annual fundraiser. Held at Hotel Biron, they wanted to logo to convey a similar feel to the vibe of the location.

Switchblade Solution: We developed this identity to reflect the flair and classiness of the wine bar location. Attendees seem to agree that the logo helped convey that the event was well worth the $75 ticket!

Social Media Marketing for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

October 26th, 2009

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Facebook Page

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Challenge: Develop a world-class Social Media Marketing System to complement Client’s updated 2.0 website
Switchblade Solution: After completing and launching, which was set up for mega social network, we managed the overall social media system, from the editorial calendar to posting/tweeting schedule for Facebook and Twitter. We customized both profiles by designing branded environments, such as the background, profile images and custom tabs. The number of followers have quadrupled since we took over. Check them out for yourself!

Web Design & Search Engine Optimization

October 15th, 2009

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Website Design/SEO for Project Homeless Connect

October 8th, 2009

Client: Project Homeless Connect San Francisco

Challenge: The organization had a new URL and they wanted to launch with a bang! The client wished to have a website with modern design and functionality that could later tie in with a social media campaign. Building the site from scratch, the client relied on us to point them in the right direction. It was also important to allow volunteers and interns an easy admin interface to add blog posts, photos, and event listings.

Switchblade Solution: We were ready to refresh their online presence and marketing with our top-notch ideas and the desire to be a part of the organization’s efforts in supporting the city’s homeless community. In addition to the site design and SEO, we participate in their events, providing photography and even simply a helping hand as volunteer staff.