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Social Media Examiner’s “5 Ways to Build a Pinterest Following With Facebook”

August 7th, 2012

Thank you Social Media Examiner for this great advice. Even WE need to get up to speed and get this strategy going!

Originally Published August 7, 2012 Read original article on Social Media Examiner website

Are you looking to build a strong Pinterest following?

Did you know that you can integrate your Facebook and Pinterest marketing?

Yes, there’s a way to get Facebook fans to create exposure for you on Pinterest.

Establishing a large audience of followers on Pinterest is one of the most important aspects of a successful Pinterest marketing campaign.

Here’s the skinny: Although during the setup process you can choose to link your Pinterest account to your Facebook personal page, there is currently no way to automatically hook up to your Facebook fan page.

So what’s a business to do?

The truth is most business owners have not figured out a solution. They are failing on Pinterest because they think that they have to build a new following from scratch. Well, that is patently untrue.

Here are five ways to use Facebook to build your Pinterest following.

#1: Get a Pinterest Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page

The easiest thing to do is just go to Woobox and create a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page.

wooboxEasily get a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page from Woobox.

It’s very simple to do and requires little to no technical skills. Within minutes, you can have your Pinterest account in front of thousands of your fans! This way, whenever people come to your Facebook page to either check out your latest posts or learn more about you, they can also see that you are on Pinterest.

The Pinterest tab allows fans to view all of your boards and even your pins while staying on the Facebook platform. They will not be transferred over to Pinterest until they try to repin or comment on one of your pins.

pinterest tab fb fan pageWithin just a few clicks you can easily create a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page.

inside the pinterest tabInside the Pinterest tab as seen on the Facebook fan page.

#2: Post Pinterest Links as Updates on Your Facebook Page

There are a few different ways to use your Facebook status updates to promote your activity on Pinterest.

One way to build your follower base is to share the direct link to your Pinterest page as a status update and tell your fans WHY they should follow you on Pinterest.

What helpful information or cool contests will they have access to? Are there exclusive promotions? Why should they follow you on Pinterest AND Facebook?

facebook status update exampleExample post of a Facebook status update promoting a Pinterest business account.

The more specific you can be about the type of value you are creating for your followers on Pinterest, the more likely your fans will join you there too.

#3: Promote Specific Boards on Your Facebook Page

On Pinterest, people can choose to either follow all, or just a few, of your boards.

Because of that feature, you may find success promoting specific Pinterest boards on your Facebook fan page.

I recommend you promote a few different boards throughout the week.

That way, you have the opportunity to showcase your Pinterest account to a wider audience on Facebook, and you can introduce them to the diverse areas of value shared on your Pinterest page.

There are two ways you can promote a specific Pinterest board on Facebook.

  • Update your status by uploading an image of a pin to Facebook. Add a description and include a link to the board on which that pin is featured.
facebook pinterest board exampleExample Facebook post promoting a particular Pinterest board.

This works well if you have a really compelling image, because it will be granted more space on the Facebook newsfeed than a link.

  • Post the link to your Pinterest board as part of a status update. An image of one of your pins on that board will be automatically generated.
full board viewGenerate a full board preview (photo and all) by posting the board’s direct URL .

Posting the link will also automatically include the text in your board description.

Make sure that you add proper descriptions of the content when setting up your boards. I’m always amazed by how few people take advantage of this opportunity.

Look how brilliantly realtor Raj Qsar utilizes this space for his branding purposes.

His board description reads:

“Raj Qsar & Premier Orange County Real Estate – is one of the most dominant Real Estate Teams in the Orange County Real Estate Market. For over 15 years Team Raj Qsar has held the philosophy to give the best service and most qualified advice to both buyers & sellers.

Implementing honesty and integrity at the highest level possible and to enjoy the entire process along the way. We are truly passionate about real estate.”

raj qsar teamTake advantage of the description area below your board titles for adding value to your brand and board.

To add a description to one of your boards, simply click Edit Board and fill in the Description field.

edit boardAdd a description to your board by clicking the “Edit Board” button at the top of your Pinterest board page.

#4: How to Promote a Particular Pin

Sometimes the best way to really serve your Facebook community is to highlight the value that you are providing in one particular pin.

This is a great way to get maximum exposure when pinning your own original content. Remember these posts can and will be shared across Facebook by your fans.

The same two strategies apply here, as they do to promote a specific board above. You can either upload the image of the pin as a status update (or include a link in the image description), or you can just include the direct link to the pin in your status area.

promote a particular pinPromote a particular pin by pasting the pin’s direct URL into your Facebook status update.

When you post a direct link to a pin as a status on Facebook, the following information will be automatically added and visible:

  • The image of your pin
  • The name of the board that includes the pin
  • The caption that has been added to your pin

So make sure you have fully optimized both your board title and caption for maximum impact. Focus on creating intriguing board titles and including a further explanation of value in the caption.

#5: Promote Your Pinterest Contests on Facebook

Contests and promotions are becoming all the rage on Pinterest. They are a very effective way to quickly add a lot of new followers and drive a ton of traffic to your site.

Unlike Facebook, there are no real restrictions regarding the way contests are promoted and hosted on Pinterest. A great way to leverage both platforms is to promote your Pinterest contest on your Facebook fan page.

pinterest contest facebook fan pageExample of how Bergdorf Goodman promoted their Pinterest contest on their Facebook fan page.

Bergdorf Goodman recently promoted their Pinterest contest on their Facebook fan page by posting an image of one of the prizes with a brief explanation. They included a link to their blog within the description of the image where fans could find more details about how to enter.

Hopefully you’ve found these five ways to use Facebook to build your audience on Pinterest helpful. I know from personal experience that introducing your fan base to your presence on Pinterest is an effective way to get more followers.

Despite all the hype surrounding Pinterest, Facebook is still the largest social media network. Why not leverage the audience you have already built there and let them fast-track your success on Pinterest?

So what do you think? Can you see the benefits of using Facebook to get more followers on Pinterest? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

FaceBook Tab Manager…In short, we love it! PLUS Switchblade “Sharp Tip of the Week”

March 14th, 2011

The plugin developed by Carr Communications called Facebook Tab Manager has opened new doors for customization of FaceBook pages. Custom pages in Facebook were once limited to the FBML app that only allowed basic HTML. With the release of this app along with the upgrade to FaceBook Pages introduced on February 10, custom pages can now be built using WordPress.

So many new possibilities for landing pages, forms, engaging with FB fans , and another portal to access websites without leaving Facebook. We’re excited to offer these new possibilities to our clients!

Switchblade’s  Sharp Tip of the Week

Does your website utilize a form for site visitors to contact you and/or give you detailed information you need? Using the Facebook Tab Manager, you can now put that same form as a tab on your Facebook Page. And if you use a service like Mailchimp, it can be a feed of the same form that lives on your website so you still capture data to single database.

Our client, Jessica Lanyadoo, was the first to give us the opportunity to implement this feature to her Facebook page. She relies on her form to schedule new clients and existing clients, so giving her fans the option to sign up on Facebook will surely fill her calendar for the year (After just one month after her site launched in January,  Jessica was already booked through July.)

How to Link your Business or Employer’s Facebook Page to Your Profile

February 9th, 2011

With the new and “improved” Facebook profile page design, under your name at the top of the page, you will find all your main profile information: Employer, City/State, birthdate, etc..whatever info you chose to share. I’ll use my own page as the example, shown below.

Most of us probably shared info about our employer. If you love where you work, whether its because you work for a super cool startup or you own a business or two, you want people to know it.  Now…have you ever clicked on the link to your business or employer name to see where it goes? Most likely it links to a blank page. Now this really sucks if your employer or business has a great Facebook page with lots of fans.  The standard admin tools don’t give you the option to change the link. How do you change the !$ link ?!?  Figuring this out can drive a person insane.

How to link the Company Name in your Profile to its Facebook Page
You probably realized by now that the solution doesn’t lie within Facebook. Hopefully, you use Firefox as your web browser. There is an Add-On tool for Firefox called “Web Developer” that you will need to install. Download it from this page.

After installation, you will see a new toolbar above your tabs with dropdown menus called “Disable”, “Cookies”, “CSS”, “Forms”, “Images”, and a few more going across your browser. If you see these new tabs, great! You’ve installed them properly.

Now, back to Facebook. Go to your company’s Facebook page and look at its URL. We need to locate its unique ID# assigned to it by Facebook. If the page has a custom URL, then it won’t be shown in the URL. Whether the page has a custom URL or not, you can easily get the ID# by hovering over its profile pic to see its Title text. The # usually proceeds “id=” and it is usually about 12 digits.

Once you’ve got the ID#, go to your FB profile page and click “Edit Profile”. Next, click “Education and Work” in the sidebar to the left, as this is where the employer info is found.

In the search bar above the name of your current employer where there is a light gray text that reads “Where have you worked?”,  type any gibberish text and do NOT select any of the “suggested names” it may pop up under the search bar, scroll down to the bottom where it says “add (your gibberish text)”.  New fields will appear to enter Position, City/State, etc. and a button that reads “Add New Job”. Don’t enter any info or click the button.

Now back to the new toolbar you added to Firefox. Find the tab called “Forms”. Click it to see a dropdown menu. Highlight the first item that reads “Display Form Detail”. After doing so, you should see something like this on the page:

In the first empty gray field with code that reads <input name=”employer_id”>, enter the unique ID# of your company page. There is another field with the same code on line 6. Replace the numbers in it with your ID#. Now you can scroll down and click the button that says “Add New Job”. You can also go back to the Forms tab and highlight “Display Form Details” to turn it off.

The gibberish name you typed should now be replaced by the company name and its profile pic thumbnail. You can now enter all the company information. You probably also have 2 entries for the same company. Delete the old entry.

If this was useful for you, please share it and let us know by “liking” Switchblade’s Facebook page and leaving us a comment here or on our FB page.