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Brand Identity for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

May 7th, 2014

MUTTVILLE Logo-LightBackgrounds

How we made it ‘cool’ to adopt an old dog

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Challenge: When I started volunteering with Muttville in 2008, I was fortunate that founder Sherri Franklin believed in the power of brand recognition. She is also a marketing and creative talent herself. Her concept for the logo (shown above) is considered beautiful and brilliant by many, and has truly become an icon in the Bay Area animal rescue community. Having this logo to build a brand around was inspiring, fun, and easy!

Switchblade Solution: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue saves dogs aged 7 years and older, including those with special needs, medical care requirements, and terminal illnesses. Our marketing strategies and overall mission focus on changing the way people think about older pets. Because senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters, we choose to make Muttville stand out to bring attention to our deserving grey-muzzled mutts. Muttville’s brand identity – from the logo, tagline, and  messaging – comes across as uplifting, bright and bold!

Our goal was to prove the value of older dogs and convince the public they are indeed desirable and deserve the spotlight. We developed a brand identity that people would share, wear, and remember. We knew we were successful when people didn’t just want to adopt a senior dog, they wanted a Muttville dog!

Muttville’s brand identity: uplifting, bright and BOLD!

Muttville was founded in 2007. The logo was created in early 2008 and soon after Muttville launched a website design. The signature brand color, Muttville Yellow, can’t be missed! Visit to see the full website.

Advertisements and promotional materials are uplifting, bright and BOLD!
See Muttville’s palm card designs here.
marketing-printThe “muttmobiles” are equally loud and proud!
Milestones, awards and accolades: Since its inception in 2007, Muttville has successfully changed the way people think of senior dogs. In the process, we’ve received awards and accolades from Oprah to the Red Cross to SF Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum. Click for more achievements.

In 2014, Muttville was awarded First Place in the Maddie’s Fund Marketing Competition in Brand Identity. Truly one of my proudest moments!!


Logo and Brand Identity for “Moolah For Mutts 2012: Joie De Mutt”

July 20th, 2012

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Challenge: Every year we are honored to create the theme and design for Muttville’s annual gala fundraiser, Moolah For Mutts. In its Fourth year, we were also fortunate to have a wonderful group of talented volunteers to participate in the design and development of its marketing collateral. The theme for 2012 was “Joie De Mutt”, and its setting was a beautiful art gallery called The Laurent Studio.

Switchblade Solution: Providing the art direction for this concept shown above, we worked with our talented volunteers to produce a festive “arf nouveau/ arf deco” identity system, complete with color palette, fonts, and visual elements. The theme elements were carried over to collateral, such as posters, postcards, website, program, and unique “joie de mutt” playing cards (pictured below) with adoptable mutts on one side and their profile on the other side. Elements in a French style also were subtly used in the video,” Suma’s Story”, that premiered that night (watch it below!). Many thanks to the following Muttville volunteers: Chris Rutkowski, Ryan Morishige, Mike Noyes, Celine Nadeau, and Lisa Sussman.

Logo and Brand Identity for “Moolah For Mutts 2011: Night of 1000 Mutts”

July 21st, 2011

Moolah For Mutts: Night of 1000 Mutts

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Challenge: Client holds an annual fundraiser gala with a new theme each year. This year, the event was in a new, larger venue. Also, it was important to tie in the campaign to their year long celebration of their 1000th dog rescue. We were instrumental in the development of this celebration’s marketing materials so we were familiar with what we could work with.

Switchblade Solution: We already had been brainstorming ways to utilize the amazing display of all 1000 dog rescued that currently existed as an interactive webpage on We knew it would be show-stopping in print as well. We also crafted a well-received social media campaign and event interior design based on the theme “1000 mutts”. Read the fun details (and see some pictures) here.


Switchblade’s Contribution to Muttville’s Biggest Night of the Year, Moolah For Mutts: “Night of 1000 Mutts”

July 20th, 2011

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue‘s 3rd annual gala fundraiser, Moolah For Mutts, was a smash hit this year, raising much needed funds for the organization to continue its mission to rescue and find new homes for senior dogs slated for euthanasia. Switchblade has been a part of Muttville’s core team from the very beginning when Sherri Franklin officially started this non-profit group four years ago.

As part of the event’s planning committee, Switchblade’s contribution spanned roughly 5 months, with the special day taking place July 16, 2011. We are proud to share the creative process we helped lead and materialize into reality in print, online, and even the big screen.

Theme Development and Brand Identity

This year, the event moved to a larger space, the Swedish American Hall on Market Street in San Francisco.

It also moved to a fairly empty space. This brought some new challenges for this year’s event plans, to say the least.
Muttville was still amidst its celebration of its 1000th senior dog rescue. Taking these factors into consideration, we helped formulate this year’s theme: “Night of 1000 Mutts”. Tying in to the visuals we also designed for the 1000th rescue celebration, Switchblade developed the logo and brand identity, incorporating the sea of senior dog faces into marketing collateral for online and print.

What we love about using the 1000 faces of Muttville’s success stories is the interactivity with the website where all 1000 dogs are displayed with each one clickable to their original profile.  Not only was it a way to further share this page to the world, it was a seamless way to carry out the year long 100th rescue celebration if by chance a new visitor didn’t know about this milestone for Muttville.

Marketing and Social Media Campaign

“Night of 1000 Mutts” 6-week marketing and social media campaign further celebrated the 1000 Muttvile dogs rescued by spotlighting  a few lucky success stories. Below is an example of one lucky mutt, Waldo. We called the campaign “1000 Reasons To Attend This Year’s Moolah For Mutts”. Our social media activities systematically rotated on daily schedules with posts on Facebook three times a week, daily retweets, plus subscribers were also directly reached with timely email blasts. Within the final 2 weeks before the event, Switchblade also was excited to see our ads for the event in the San Francisco Chronicle and Bay Woof.

The campaign attracted great traffic on all of Muttville’s social networks. The variety of dogs and stories hit home for different audiences in different ways. With over 18 stories and dogs profiled, we hoped to connect with every possible compassionate animal loving person out there.

As the event sponsors and auction donors list  grew, we further developed the campaign with interaction and engagement with them via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The event sold out and we were thrilled with the success of the campaign. Analytics showed activity on the website for Moolah For Mutts as well as Muttville’s website were steady as a result of the organized schedule followed by the marketing campaign’s activities.

Event Decor and Main Video

In order to maximize the financial success of the event, the committee did its best to have everything donated – from auction items, tables, A/V equipment, food, and beverages. About 90% was donated and if not it was discounted. The event’s sponsor, Pet Food Express, came through for the event when Switchblade, still keeping in mind the overall theme, “Night of 1000 Mutts”, asked Pet Food Express if Muttville could borrow their large mounted photographs from their “My Mutt” Program. Sized from 30′ to as large as 60′, Pet Food Express was able to offer almost 50 mounted posters. Upon entering the venue, guests were surrounded by larger than life canine faces on My Mutt posters.

PFE's Corey and Switchblade's Marie with My Mutt posters behind them

Attentive to even the smallest of details, the “1000 Mutts” theme was a part of every Muttville volunteer’s attire. Hanging from a long beaded necklace, each Muttville volunteer wore a different Muttville mutt photo accompanied by their profile story. Marie wore Collette, the foster dog she dearly loved who passed away in March 2011. (The blog article Marie wrote about Collette for Muttville was re-published by Bella Dog Magazine, and the issue was included in the goodie bags given to departing guests that night.)

Muttville volunteers Peggy, Marie, and Inger wearing Muttville dog photos and profiles

Switchblade’s most visible contribution was the main video presentation titled “The Next 1000 Mutts”  that celebrated Muttville’s successes and meant to bring heartwarming smiles to all in attendance. Founder Sherri Franklin gave a tearful speech then played the video to uplift their spirits.

Click here to watch “The Next 1000 Mutts”.


And we almost forgot to mention….Switchblade donated an item for the Live Auction – The design of a limited edition print titled “Our First 1000 Dogs”, with #1 of only 100 available framed and signed by Sherri Franklin. Read more about the big bucks this item raised for Muttville. (We were so excited by the winning bid that we just had to write about it in its own blog post!)

Website Design & SEO for Doggie Boogie Movie

February 5th, 2010
Doggie Boogie Movie Website
The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires an effective yet evolving online presence that creates buzz from production through release. The producers wanted to showcase the concept to sponsors, investors, partners, cast and crew to raise capital, as well as excitement and participation.

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website thoroughly injected with promise that the film will be successfully produced and distributed.

The Results: A site that captures the wit, inspiration and character of the film.

What we learned from this experience: Professionalism need not be sacrificed when producing/promoting a quirky product.  A product website and its associated social media profiles must exude a common theme, perspective and relate to its intended audience.