Switchblade & The Small Business Success Team Find Inspiration at the San Francisco Street Food Festival

August 22nd, 2011

San Francisco Street Food Festival





As a member of The Small Business Success Team, Switchblade Creative Studios joined its fellow team  members on a fun morning exploring the 3rd Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival, presented by La Cocina. Since starting its “Incubator Kitchen” several years ago, La Cocina helped launch a variety of food truck and cart businesses, and it can be easily argued that they helped spawn the street food craze. Our goal was to meet the small business owners of the various food trucks, carts, and products, and get a feel of the types of business services they might be neglecting and in need of. As fellow business owners, we are all aware that some services are easy to get in place than others, depending on your familiarity with the services.  As a “one stop” resource for all necesPeas of Mind owner Jill with Marie of Switchblade Creative Studiossary business needs, we hoped we could reach out and introduce ourselves to the owners in this growing trend.  Growth of street food trucks, carts, and vendors is exploding all over the nation! A great Infographic posted on Mashable.com

I was especially impressed by the founder and CEO of Peas Of Mind Jill Litwin. Her business started with the help of La Cocina in 2004, and her product is now sold on Amazon, and carried at Whole Foods Market and Safeway. She was awarded 2010 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Women’s Initiative and has been interviewed in countless publications and TV spots.

Overall, we had planned a fun excursion to meet small business owners and left feeling inspired by the stories we heard of individuals coming from different walks of life to follow their dreams. We were inspired and we are looking forward to being a part of their continued successes.


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