Website and Facebook Page for Rescue Row

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Client: Rescue Row

Challenge: The residents of Rescue Row, SFSPCA, SFACC, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, and Northern California Family Dog Rescue, together worked to request the approval to  honorarily name the street where they all reside, Alabama St. in San Francisco between 15th and 16th streets, “Rescue Row”. Banding together to contribute combined resources, the four organizations together made Rescue Row a reality. On behalf of Muttville, we took on the task to create Rescue Row’s online presence. The only challenge was the limited time we had to launch the site and get picked up by the search engines.

Switchblade Solution: Collaborating with a great team of marketers made this an easy job.
We took on the task of creating the website and Facebook page. We continue to manage and update both sites on a regular basis. We also continue to boost SEO and FB Likes, and we’re pretty happy with the steady growth. Visit the Rescue Row Facebook Page.