Web Design, SEO and 2.0 Optimization for documentary film, “MINE” by Geralyn Pezanoski

The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires a living, breathing online marketing tool that promotes DVD sales and rentals for the award-winning documentary about displaced animals from Hurricane Katrina. The site needed to be branded consistently with the DVD and more importantly, easy to update with breaking news and updates. Also, with her growing fanbase, she wanted to track site visitors and gain subscribers.

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website built in SquareSpace that can be easily updated by the site owner, and promotes the sales and rentals of the DVD version of the movie with blog-type entries.

The Results: A well-organized site that can be constantly refreshed because the content management system is user-friendly for the site owner. Geralyn Pezanoski can share media coverage and announce events through blog entries.

What we learned from this experience: We <3 SquareSpace for its easy to use interface and allowing us to customize many of the site’s elements without tinkering with the CSS code.