Web Design, SEO, and 2.0 Optimization for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Challenge: The website needed to be optimized for improved searchability as well as updated with 2.0 functionality. A key goal was to increase awareness and visibility by allowing founder/Executive Director, Sherri Franklin, and Muttville volunteers to share profiles of adoptable dogs and blog posts.

Switchblade Solution: Since the organization’s priority is to increase adoption rates and raise money through fundraisers and donations, we provided effective tools that allowed everyone to spread the word through social media networks and email. Analytics showed a traffic increase by 200% in the first month and a steady 5000 visitors a month since its launch.

Sharenator.com recently evaluated the traffic for Muttville.org, describing it as follows: “If Muttville.org were a country, it would be larger than Vatican City.”