SEO and Social Media System for Llama Expeditions

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Client: Llama Expeditions
Challenge: Improve existing SEO and develop world-class Social Media System
Switchblade Solution: Llama Expeditions had completed the launch of its gorgeous website. Now it just needed to get some traffic! We came to help out its founder, Diane Valenti, and took her mediocre SEO to new heights! We revamped her keywords and gave her our tricks and tips, then we glamorized her social media system with equally gorgeous Facebook and Twitter facades, profile images, and custom tabs that drive traffic to her website. We also set her up on additional social networks to expand her outreach to her target audience. She was writing captivating and informative blog on traveling to Peru, and not getting it out there beyond her blog page. We also set her up on monitoring tools, and in the process she discovered several articles written about Llama Expeditions that she didn’t know about!

It has only been less than 3 months since we started, and we never promise to get you on the first page of any search, but in this short period Diane has been amazed by the sudden spike in traffic and all that she has learned about social media. Just wait til we get to the good stuff!!