Online Marketing for Brian Barneclo’s “Systems Mural Project”

Client: Brian Barneclo

Challenge: Brian’s passion project called “Systems Mural Project” is slated to be the largest mural in San Francisco. To become reality, Brian needed our assistance to raise funds from sponsors and investors.

Switchblade Solution: We optimized the Systems Mural Project website for social media networking, produced the marketing/sponsorship presentation, and continue to support fundraising events. Brian is roughly 50% closer to his fundraising goal, and is confident that he will be painting his 600 ft wall in July 2011. Switchblade continues to drum up sponsorships and awareness in the community and across San Francisco. We will continue to support Brian and provide online marketing support, and will manage press coverage throughout his mural painting dream.

UPDATE: Brian’s Systems Mural was officially completed in September 2011.  Read our blog article.

Also, check out this article about Brian Barnecilo and Systems Mural in SFGate.

And visit the new site at