Palm Cards for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

It all started with the original “Pom Card”, starring Shaun White and Guido

2012MVPalmcard-front  2012MVPalmcard-back










The idea of a 3.5″ square card was actually pretty great for a dog rescue. The size was great to showcase cute dog faces, it was noticeably different than a business card, and yet not too large that you couldn’t put it in your pocket or your rolodex. It also wasn’t widely used, so we knew we could put our brand on this unique size.

We created a series of palm cards the following year with the theme “Find Your Smile at Muttville”, starring dogs with humans in loving moments. We strategically represented several demographics.







Although I think these went over well, I got many requests to bring back more of the dogs. So in 2014, we released a series that reflected the variety of dogs that are saved by Muttville:















Also due to popular demand, we brought back the original “pom card” starring Shaun and Guido.
So far, the cards continue to be a big hit! And as we had hoped, these square cards have become a part of the Muttville brand and are recognized throughout the community. Muttville palm cards are here to stay!

We’d love to hear what you think. Which one is your favorite? What do you think about the idea of a 3.5″ square card?