Brand Identity for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

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How we made it ‘cool’ to adopt an old dog

Client: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Challenge: When I started volunteering with Muttville in 2008, I was fortunate that founder Sherri Franklin believed in the power of brand recognition. She is also a marketing and creative talent herself. Her concept for the logo (shown above) is considered beautiful and brilliant by many, and has truly become an icon in the Bay Area animal rescue community. Having this logo to build a brand around was inspiring, fun, and easy!

Switchblade Solution: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue saves dogs aged 7 years and older, including those with special needs, medical care requirements, and terminal illnesses. Our marketing strategies and overall mission focus on changing the way people think about older pets. Because senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters, we choose to make Muttville stand out to bring attention to our deserving grey-muzzled mutts. Muttville’s brand identity – from the logo, tagline, and  messaging – comes across as uplifting, bright and bold!

Our goal was to prove the value of older dogs and convince the public they are indeed desirable and deserve the spotlight. We developed a brand identity that people would share, wear, and remember. We knew we were successful when people didn’t just want to adopt a senior dog, they wanted a Muttville dog!

Muttville’s brand identity: uplifting, bright and BOLD!

Muttville was founded in 2007. The logo was created in early 2008 and soon after Muttville launched a website design. The signature brand color, Muttville Yellow, can’t be missed! Visit to see the full website.

Advertisements and promotional materials are uplifting, bright and BOLD!
See Muttville’s palm card designs here.
marketing-printThe “muttmobiles” are equally loud and proud!
Milestones, awards and accolades: Since its inception in 2007, Muttville has successfully changed the way people think of senior dogs. In the process, we’ve received awards and accolades from Oprah to the Red Cross to SF Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum. Click for more achievements.

In 2014, Muttville was awarded First Place in the Maddie’s Fund Marketing Competition in Brand Identity. Truly one of my proudest moments!!