How to Link your Business or Employer’s Facebook Page to Your Profile

February 9th, 2011

With the new and “improved” Facebook profile page design, under your name at the top of the page, you will find all your main profile information: Employer, City/State, birthdate, etc..whatever info you chose to share. I’ll use my own page as the example, shown below.

Most of us probably shared info about our employer. If you love where you work, whether its because you work for a super cool startup or you own a business or two, you want people to know it.  Now…have you ever clicked on the link to your business or employer name to see where it goes? Most likely it links to a blank page. Now this really sucks if your employer or business has a great Facebook page with lots of fans.  The standard admin tools don’t give you the option to change the link. How do you change the !$ link ?!?  Figuring this out can drive a person insane.

How to link the Company Name in your Profile to its Facebook Page
You probably realized by now that the solution doesn’t lie within Facebook. Hopefully, you use Firefox as your web browser. There is an Add-On tool for Firefox called “Web Developer” that you will need to install. Download it from this page.

After installation, you will see a new toolbar above your tabs with dropdown menus called “Disable”, “Cookies”, “CSS”, “Forms”, “Images”, and a few more going across your browser. If you see these new tabs, great! You’ve installed them properly.

Now, back to Facebook. Go to your company’s Facebook page and look at its URL. We need to locate its unique ID# assigned to it by Facebook. If the page has a custom URL, then it won’t be shown in the URL. Whether the page has a custom URL or not, you can easily get the ID# by hovering over its profile pic to see its Title text. The # usually proceeds “id=” and it is usually about 12 digits.

Once you’ve got the ID#, go to your FB profile page and click “Edit Profile”. Next, click “Education and Work” in the sidebar to the left, as this is where the employer info is found.

In the search bar above the name of your current employer where there is a light gray text that reads “Where have you worked?”,  type any gibberish text and do NOT select any of the “suggested names” it may pop up under the search bar, scroll down to the bottom where it says “add (your gibberish text)”.  New fields will appear to enter Position, City/State, etc. and a button that reads “Add New Job”. Don’t enter any info or click the button.

Now back to the new toolbar you added to Firefox. Find the tab called “Forms”. Click it to see a dropdown menu. Highlight the first item that reads “Display Form Detail”. After doing so, you should see something like this on the page:

In the first empty gray field with code that reads <input name=”employer_id”>, enter the unique ID# of your company page. There is another field with the same code on line 6. Replace the numbers in it with your ID#. Now you can scroll down and click the button that says “Add New Job”. You can also go back to the Forms tab and highlight “Display Form Details” to turn it off.

The gibberish name you typed should now be replaced by the company name and its profile pic thumbnail. You can now enter all the company information. You probably also have 2 entries for the same company. Delete the old entry.

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