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December 1st, 2009

The landscape of marketing media is evolving and so are we.  We’ve launched the Switchblade 2.0 update.

Print media will always have its place and today, everyone is either being asked to go green and/or saving money by being green. Marketing is taking new shapes online and the increasing number of smartphone users complements this movement.  Coupled with the fact that “our new economy thrives on resourcefulness, not on status,”(Stephanie Miller, “Consumer Shifts Demand Shifts in Online Marketing Strategy“), it is more important than ever to invest in building site traffic when you invest in building your website and to partake in conversations where people are opting to take product references from their friends. Take heed, social media is not a fad.

Our 2.0 update is an expansion of our graphic design services to online marketing with website and mobile device application development.  Our update is a website optimized for search engines whilst maximizing user generated social networking sites, the core of “Web 2.0”.

And if this still doesn’t make sense, just as we were writing this entry, we of course used  Here’s what the trustworthy reference had going on:

  1. In the “What’s new” section, the first story is about their recently released, only free dictionary app for the Blackberry.  Of course they’ve introduced an app for the Blackberry!  Their iPhone app has been deemed an all-time favorite by the iTunes Store.  * We design, develop and market such apps.
  2. The second “What’s new” story asks you to be their Facebook fan and to download their app for the Word of the Day. * We help company’s find ways to build their fan base.
  3. continues to prove itself. The third “What’s new” story is a request to follow them on Twitter.  * In addition to helping companies find ways to build followers, we show them how social media increases their website traffic.
  4. And as if that weren’t enough, the “Word of the Day” is Aesthete” (one having or affecting great sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature) and on this day, the homepage is appropriately, entirely sponsored by Adobe. * Did I mention that we are, at the heart, a graphic design company?

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