Gavin Newsom Gets Behind Brian Barneclo’s Systems Mural Project

August 9th, 2010

At least that’s what I’d like the title of this blog to be. See, Marie is a San Franciscan. While I know all the reasons why I <3 SF, she has even more and she’s introduced me to another great one. Brian Barneclo.

Brian Barneclo is not only a cool guy but an inspiration for dreaming big. His latest endeavor, the Systems Mural Project, could be San Francisco’s biggest mural ever and Switchblade wants to make Newsom part of it.

See, we know that Gavin Newsom is also a fan of Barneclo and that he’s just received the democratic nomination as Lieutenant Governor. For all that America’s Most Social Mayor has done for the great city of San Francisco, we’d like to see the mural go up in his honor. The Systems Mural Project is about inter-connectivity, a concept Newsom understands and is clearly supportive of.

Furthermore, Systems Mural Project’s proposed location is on 7th and Townsend adjacent to the Crescent Cove Apartments, a project of the SF Redevelopment Agency whose members have all been appointed or re-appointed by Newsom. Newsom’s attention to the plight of homelessness in and redevelopment of San Francisco is beyond the call of duty, it is a true testament to his understanding of the city’s needs.

In the end, the Systems Mural Projects asks us to explore the most complicated systems of all, our systems of belief. This is where I pick up on what makes Newsom another SF favorite. In high school, Newsom played basketball and baseball where his childhood friend Derek Smith recalled Newsom as “one of the hardest working players on the team who became a great player because of his effort, instead of his natural abilities.” (Source: Wikipedia). Newsom’s belief in himself never ceased and he continues to support independent ventures, much like Barneclo’s and similar to how others have supported him.

The principals of Newsom’s success can be exemplified in the Systems Mural Project and, we at Switchblade, look to gain his endorsement to secure the additional sponsorship required to see this mission through. At an estimated $75,000 to complete the project, and with a generous donation from the Adobe Foundation, we still need to raise $65,000 to meet our goal. If you have any ideas, know of any potential sponsors or have the ear of Newsom’s publicist, contact us at

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