Effective Keywords: “I don’t need SEO. I come up #1 for ‘punk rock nanny’!”

November 20th, 2009

Being #1 is cool. There’s no denying that. But, as in all statistics, it’s how you spin the numbers. Do you ever wonder why your website isn’t generating as much business as you’d hoped when you come up #1 for a particular search term/phrase? (Prepare for an ego blow…) It is very possible that the keywords you so proudly placed throughout your website pages are keywords that people are NOT searching. Say WHAT?

Keyword selection takes more effort than many may think. Having a niche business or attribute is not a bad thing by any means. We often use the old school, printed Yellow Pages as an example and ask “Where do you want to be found?”. What’s nice about the Yellow Pages is that there are predetermined categories and sub-categories. The world wide web does not which makes finding resources for very specific needs much easier than calling vendors in relevant Yellow Page listings.

When choosing your keywords, put yourself in the searcher’s seat. What problems do you solve? What questions are answered on your site? How would your potential clients/customers find you online?

So what do we say to the “punk rock nanny”? Try “modern child care service”, “modern babysitter”, etc.

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