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FaceBook Tab Manager…In short, we love it! PLUS Switchblade “Sharp Tip of the Week”

March 14th, 2011

The plugin developed by Carr Communications called Facebook Tab Manager has opened new doors for customization of FaceBook pages. Custom pages in Facebook were once limited to the FBML app that only allowed basic HTML. With the release of this app along with the upgrade to FaceBook Pages introduced on February 10, custom pages can now be built using WordPress.

So many new possibilities for landing pages, forms, engaging with FB fans , and another portal to access websites without leaving Facebook. We’re excited to offer these new possibilities to our clients!

Switchblade’s  Sharp Tip of the Week

Does your website utilize a form for site visitors to contact you and/or give you detailed information you need? Using the Facebook Tab Manager, you can now put that same form as a tab on your Facebook Page. And if you use a service like Mailchimp, it can be a feed of the same form that lives on your website so you still capture data to single database.

Our client, Jessica Lanyadoo, was the first to give us the opportunity to implement this feature to her Facebook page. She relies on her form to schedule new clients and existing clients, so giving her fans the option to sign up on Facebook will surely fill her calendar for the year (After just one month after her site launched in January,  Jessica was already booked through July.)

Muttville Achieves Landslide Victories in BayWoof’s “Beast of the Bay 2011” Awards

March 3rd, 2011


Congratulations to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for their overwhelming victories in BayWoof’s “Beast of the Bay 2011” Awards! Voted Best Rescue Group and Best Canine Cause, Muttville has the special honor of winning both these awards two years in a row. This year, they won both categories by a whopping 46% and 40%, while 2nd place winners trailed at around 28%.


Social media and networking amongst their passionate volunteers surely played a significant role. Muttville does not necessarily stand out in their statistics for followers in comparison to Bad Rap, Wonder Dog Rescue, or Grateful Dog Rescue. Bad Rap has over 44,000 “Likes” for their Facebook page in comparison to Muttville’s 2200 “Likes”. Where Muttville does relevantly stand out in the world of online marketing is the quality and consistency in their messages.

On the surface, it might have appeared to be a challenge to implement a social media strategy system that would be executed solely by volunteers. In these last two years that Switchblade has been overseeing Muttville’s marketing strategy, it actually has made it easier. While volunteer staff may revolve and donated hours can be sporadic, having a consistent system in place with schedules and categorized messaging for blogs, posts, and tweets keeps activity flowing, where volunteers can contribute to a grid of opportunities.

We recently reported Muttville’s achievements in surpassing 1000 Twitter followers, 2000 Facebook followers and quickly approaching a remarkable 1000 dogs rescued. Muttville also averages over 2000 unique visitors to their website per week with over 10,000 weekly page views. The actual numbers aren’t a big deal, but the statistics in achieving these numbers is what makes a difference. Muttville is by far the youngest organization amongst their fellow nominees. Founded in 2007, Muttville has barely reached four years old this past February. Bad Rap and Grateful Dog have been rescuing dogs for over 10 years and 20 years respectively.  Where youth may have played an interesting role in Muttville’s fast-growing achievements is in the foresight of Founder and Executive Director Sherri Franklin to realize the importance of embracing online marketing and educate herself in social media practices by attending seminars and contributing to the marketing activities.

Aside from all the social media and marketing statistics, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue holds a unique niche in the dog rescue community: Saving senior dogs! This worthy cause has become popular and recognized in the Bay Area substantiated by their “Best Canine Cause” Award. “I heard that we are the trendy and cool group to join,” said Muttville volunteer and publicist Patty Stanton. “We’re proud to share our good fortunes, like when we won a car on the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ show or when Gogol Bordello donated a show to us at Slim’s.”

At the heart of it all is, in fact, heart. Switchblade included, supporters and volunteers all do their part for Muttville because of passion, dedication, and just plain ol’ love for the old dogs. Thanks Muttville. And congrats!!

Wrapping a National Music Tour

December 1st, 2010

What a wild ride! Switchblade has been busy “in the lab” over the past 4 months working with Rebel Industries on Mazda’s first nationally touring music series featuring Mayer Hawthorne and the County. From reviewing artist options to developing and executing a strategic marketing plan, we are thankful for being buy xanax vancouver given the opportunity to contribute to this successful, well-received tour.

For more information, visit to learn more about Mayer Hawthorne, for free music downloads, to see how DJ Jazzy Jeff got involved, and how Mazda’s onsite activation was optimized online.

Gavin Newsom Gets Behind Brian Barneclo’s Systems Mural Project

August 9th, 2010

At least that’s what I’d like the title of this blog to be. See, Marie is a San Franciscan. While I know all the reasons why I <3 SF, she has even more and she’s introduced me to another great one. Brian Barneclo.

Brian Barneclo is not only a cool guy but an inspiration for dreaming big. His latest endeavor, the Systems Mural Project, could be San Francisco’s biggest mural ever and Switchblade wants to make Newsom part of it.

See, we know that Gavin Newsom is also a fan of Barneclo and that he’s just received the democratic nomination as Lieutenant Governor. For all that America’s Most Social Mayor has done for the great city of San Francisco, we’d like to see the mural go up in his honor. The Systems Mural Project is about inter-connectivity, a concept Newsom understands and is clearly supportive of.

Furthermore, Systems Mural Project’s proposed location is on 7th and Townsend adjacent to the Crescent Cove Apartments, a project of the SF Redevelopment Agency whose members have all been appointed or re-appointed by Newsom. Newsom’s attention to the plight of homelessness in and redevelopment of San Francisco is beyond the call of duty, it is a true testament to his understanding of the city’s needs.

In the end, the Systems Mural Projects asks us to explore the most complicated systems of all, our systems of belief. This is where I pick up on what makes Newsom another SF favorite. In high school, Newsom played basketball and baseball where his childhood friend Derek Smith recalled Newsom as “one of the hardest working players on the team who became a great player because of his effort, instead of his natural abilities.” (Source: Wikipedia). Newsom’s belief in himself never ceased and he continues to support independent ventures, much like Barneclo’s and similar to how others have supported him.

The principals of Newsom’s success can be exemplified in the Systems Mural Project and, we at Switchblade, look to gain his endorsement to secure the additional sponsorship required to see this mission through. At an estimated $75,000 to complete the project, and with a generous donation from the Adobe Foundation, we still need to raise $65,000 to meet our goal. If you have any ideas, know of any potential sponsors or have the ear of Newsom’s publicist, contact us at

Sony Tells us “Step Your Game Up”?

June 22nd, 2010

In what appeared to be a 60/40 split between actual industry professionals and droves of goober, *oops*, I mean uber-gamers, the 3-day videogame tradeshow E3 has left LA… But not without plenty of online content for those who could not attend, provided by those privileged and/or crafty enough to enter the pearly gates of gamer heaven.

Who won the console war? While I desperately wanted to cheer for my former coworkers at Sony, I’m still trying to figure out which feature to consider “the big news” out of their 2-hour press conference. I hope it wasn’t the 3-D software titles that required the funky glasses because Nintendo’s 3DS does not. Was it all about accessories and the very phallic PlayStation Move that functions an awful lot like the Wii released 4 years ago? Yea, it is said to have a better reaction time BUT requires more peripherals (and expense) to even work. SMH. Was this supposed to extend the life of the PS3? Did they really not know about Xbox’s controller-less Kinect available in time for holiday 2010?  One good thing that came out of that press conference for me was discovering Jesper Kyd, composer for Assassins’ Creed (Ubisoft). This is the kind of music that builds excitement, not 1994’s “I like to ‘move’ it, ‘move’ it” that buy generic tramadol online accompanied the sizzle reel for PlayStation Move.

As for the convention center floor, I couldn’t see myself standing in hour-plus lines for anything. I appreciated the booth babes (maybe not exactly in the same way as the boys did) and I gave them what they wanted – a friendly smile after a vertical scan of their goods. Thank you Spike TV for capturing the E3 booth babes and getting down to the important issues (how to successfully approach a booth babe).

I would have stood in line for Activision’s concert featuring Eminem, Travis Barker and Rihanna (is this stuff really just for the trade?). I’m upset I missed Russ, Red and Meth for their Def Jam/Konami mash up announcement and performance. I was happy to have my first experiences with the iPad though Josh and I were both perplexed by the ported iPhone apps that were clearly not optimized for iPad’s larger screen. Moreover, how not fun are digital comics that don’t optimize the technology – even the open pinch zoom so that the comics would actually be legible? : X

Until next year, we move on to celebrate another Laker victory (oh yeah) and we’ll add our cool E3 photos to the Switchblade Flickr stream.

Switchblade Featured in a Short Documentary, “Welcome to Muttville”

May 18th, 2010

If you know Switchblade, then you know that we are avid supporters of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. If you visit the San Francisco office, there is always at least one Muttville foster dog hanging out with us.

Rachelle Phillips, a USF student studying media and film, created a wonderful short documentary that captures the essence of Muttville beautifully. Switchblade’s Marie buy xanax prescription Macaspac was interviewed as Muttville’s Online Marketing Director. Phillips premiered the film last Friday, May 14, to the public. Muttville will likely host a screening for its volunteers and supporters.

“My heart is in all the work we do for Muttville, ” said Marie. “We’ll always do anything we can to support this group and the work they do.”

Good Website Designers Doing Good for Waghearted 2.0 Site

May 3rd, 2010

We’re excited to announce the launch of featuring a vibrant line of pet safe, socially conscious, designer clothes for your favorite four legged friends!

The Situation: A new line of pet safe, socially conscious, designer clothes for dogs were being prepared for mass production and distribution. Team Waghearted knew that they not only wanted to keep their Twitter followers and Facebook fans updated with newly designed products but they wanted to share great stories of good dogs doing good. The site needed to exude the love and energy that is Waghearted and be easy to update.

Switchblade Solution: Design a site that incorporates the core product line icons, a CMS that is easy to update/manage by the client, and 2.0 optimization.

The Results: A vibrant, interactive buy real tramadol site complete with a blog and both “follow our profiles” and “share” links! Wonderfully fun accents that liven the site even on a limited budget – Notice the scrolling text and slideshow on the landing page; the mouse-over textual descriptions and on-click pop-up pictures on the product page; and the Twitter feed on all pages

What we learned from this experience: There were many potential design images associated with the product line. We were able to narrow down the images by incorporating icons onto the static portions whilst still providing a feature area to highlight seasonally changing products. Furthermore, the social network profiles have played a significant role in driving traffic and vice versa, the prominently placed icons to follow Waghearted have increased fans/followers thereto. Goes 2.0 in Preparation for DVD Sales and Rentals

April 19th, 2010

The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires a living, breathing online marketing tool that promotes DVD sales and rentals for the award-winning documentary about displaced animals from Hurricane Katrina.  The site needed to be branded consistently with the DVD and more importantly, easy to update with breaking news and updates to eliminate ongoing web maintenance fees

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website built in SquareSpace that promotes the sales and rentals of the DVD version of the movie.

The Results: A well-organized site that can be constantly refreshed because the content management system utilized is user-friendly for the site owner.

What we learned from this experience: We <3 SquareSpace for its easy to use interface and allowing us to customize many of the site’s elements without tinkering with the CSS code.

Be a Better “Tweeter” Now

April 19th, 2010

If you’re using Twitter and not finding the results you were hoping for, optimize your profile with these 10 to-the-point, actionable steps:

•    Consider changing the placement and increasing the size of the social network profile buttons on your website
•    Add a link to your Twitter profile on all marketing collateral including your email signature (ask your staff to do so also) – helps to professionally display all your social media profiles
•    Join directories like,,, and
•    Follow relevant organizations and possibly their followers, or whomever they’re following
•    Develop a schedule/grid of tweet topics to be executed throughout the week (i.e. event announcements on Monday at 2p, notes from the CEO on Tuesday at 11a, inspiration quotes on Wednesdays at 9a, industry statistics on Thursday at 10a, etc)
•    Create a bank of tweets, information that can be released throughout the week (don’t underestimate the time it takes to find relevant content!)
•    Consider originating tweets from Twitter versus another catchall program so that the tweets are not cut short (140 characters)
•    Engage in Twitter conversations by retweeting relevant posts, mentioning/responding to others’ tweets
•    Comment on trending topics when applicable, locally or worldwide; highlight associates/organizations on #FollowFriday
•    Personalize the profile with a photo of an actual person as the profile picture, or an event with people as the background; don’t forget to allow a little personality to show in your tweets with mantras, mottos or pictures of every day life

Doggie Boogie Movie Website Launched by Switchblade Creative Studios, Inc.

February 5th, 2010
A website “case study” sounds boring.  How about “see how fun and professional come together on a website about a family movie featuring dog dancing, filmed in San Francisco“?  Hmmm, too long.  123 characters +… it’ll work.  We’ll stick with that.
Doggie Boogie Movie Website
The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires an effective yet evolving online presence that creates buzz from production through release. The producers wanted to showcase the concept to sponsors, investors, partners, cast and crew to raise capital, as well as excitement and participation.

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website thoroughly injected with promise that the film will be successfully produced and distributed.

The Results: A site that captures the wit, inspiration and character of the film.

What we learned from this experience: Professionalism need not be sacrificed when producing/promoting a quirky product.  A product website and its associated social media profiles must exude a common theme, perspective and relate to its intended audience.