Archive for the ‘2.0 Website’ Category Goes 2.0 in Preparation for DVD Sales and Rentals

April 19th, 2010

The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires a living, breathing online marketing tool that promotes DVD sales and rentals for the award-winning documentary about displaced animals from Hurricane Katrina.  The site needed to be branded consistently with the DVD and more importantly, easy to update with breaking news and updates to eliminate ongoing web maintenance fees

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website built in SquareSpace that promotes the sales and rentals of the DVD version of the movie.

The Results: A well-organized site that can be constantly refreshed because the content management system utilized is user-friendly for the site owner.

What we learned from this experience: We <3 SquareSpace for its easy to use interface and allowing us to customize many of the site’s elements without tinkering with the CSS code.

Doggie Boogie Movie Website Launched by Switchblade Creative Studios, Inc.

February 5th, 2010
A website “case study” sounds boring.  How about “see how fun and professional come together on a website about a family movie featuring dog dancing, filmed in San Francisco“?  Hmmm, too long.  123 characters +… it’ll work.  We’ll stick with that.
Doggie Boogie Movie Website
The Situation: Independent filmmaker requires an effective yet evolving online presence that creates buzz from production through release. The producers wanted to showcase the concept to sponsors, investors, partners, cast and crew to raise capital, as well as excitement and participation.

Switchblade Solution: A professionally updated website thoroughly injected with promise that the film will be successfully produced and distributed.

The Results: A site that captures the wit, inspiration and character of the film.

What we learned from this experience: Professionalism need not be sacrificed when producing/promoting a quirky product.  A product website and its associated social media profiles must exude a common theme, perspective and relate to its intended audience.