Be a Better “Tweeter” Now

April 19th, 2010

If you’re using Twitter and not finding the results you were hoping for, optimize your profile with these 10 to-the-point, actionable steps:

•    Consider changing the placement and increasing the size of the social network profile buttons on your website
•    Add a link to your Twitter profile on all marketing collateral including your email signature (ask your staff to do so also) – helps to professionally display all your social media profiles
•    Join directories like,,, and
•    Follow relevant organizations and possibly their followers, or whomever they’re following
•    Develop a schedule/grid of tweet topics to be executed throughout the week (i.e. event announcements on Monday at 2p, notes from the CEO on Tuesday at 11a, inspiration quotes on Wednesdays at 9a, industry statistics on Thursday at 10a, etc)
•    Create a bank of tweets, information that can be released throughout the week (don’t underestimate the time it takes to find relevant content!)
•    Consider originating tweets from Twitter versus another catchall program so that the tweets are not cut short (140 characters)
•    Engage in Twitter conversations by retweeting relevant posts, mentioning/responding to others’ tweets
•    Comment on trending topics when applicable, locally or worldwide; highlight associates/organizations on #FollowFriday
•    Personalize the profile with a photo of an actual person as the profile picture, or an event with people as the background; don’t forget to allow a little personality to show in your tweets with mantras, mottos or pictures of every day life

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