Article Resonates With Switchblade’s Own Philosophy About Philanthropy and Business

March 17th, 2011

We’d like to applaud this article written by Tiffany Finley, “The Business Benefits of Philanthropy” written for the website They profile the company Epic Media Group for their smart business strategy that also aims to improve business ethics and morals.

The article reminds us that “One of the chief misinterpretations of corporate charitable giving is that it must always be in monetary form. Volunteering, fundraising events, and publicity are also ways in which business, big or small, can help bring awareness to charitable work in their community.”

To expand on the idea of philanthropy being good for business, the charitable work that Switchblade devotes to non-profit organizations and causes we care about has introduced us to clients we really enjoy working with because of shared philanthropic views and activities.

When I was once employed at large corporate entities, it seemed appropriate to keep our personal interests separate from work culture. Now as a business owner, I see the value in utilizing the tools of professional services as a means of providing a valuable contribution to society and being a worthy footprint in the universe. Our time is valuable, so why not use the best hours of our days to provide services as  a means of making a living to enrich both our financial well-being and spiritual well-being.

I thankfully learned of this article through a tweet from Clare Munn, CEO of The Communicaitons Group (tcg)

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