Hi there! My name is Marie, and I am the owner

of Switchblade Creative Studios, Inc.

I started this agency in 2008. I had just left corporate world after 11 years, and I longed to be on my own, using my time and skills to bring success to socially responsible companies and organizations that I proudly could support. I also love to travel, so I wanted my work to be independent of where I physically was located (sound familiar?)

In less than 3 years, I became a leading marketing and fundraising expert in the animal rescue world. This was my goal in 2008, and it makes me incredibly happy to be able to write this today. I started my efforts in my hometown of San Francisco. Today, I support over a dozen organizations with my marketing expertise, and I have helped animal welfare organizations in Indonesia, Cuba and Costa Rica. The more I travel, the more I discover new causes and charities who need my help.

In 2012, I created AnimalRescueMarketing.com. This website is focused on sharing my proven marketing and fundraising techniques specifically for animal welfare organizations. It is a resource for fellow animal rescue marketers who want to learn from my successes and apply them to help their causes. After all, my ultimate goal is to show that marketing is a powerful and effective way to help animal rescues and welfare organizations. We need more animal rescue advocates who can harness the power of marketing to help save animals!

My goal today is to provide services and advice to organizations all over the world from anywhere in the world. I am working on an online course and a downloadable e-book to make it as easy as possible to share my knowledge with animal welfare organizations, advocates and volunteers. Look for those new offerings coming soon in 2019!