5 Ways To Be A Socially Responsible Business

August 8th, 2011

It is easier than you think! Here are a few ways that any business can start contributing in positive ways with non-profit organizations:

1. Donate a few hours of your time as a volunteer. Non-profits always value a few hours a week from individuals interested in assisting at fundraiser events, administrative tasks, or even distributing marketing materials like postcards and flyers to local businesses. Its a great way to meet others and learn more about an organization’s needs

2. If you have a storefront, let local charity organizations know that you welcome their posters, flyers, handout materials, etc. This is a very easy way to show your support and/or affiliation with an organization. And while you are at it, let customers know about the organizations and encourage them to take a handout or check out an announcement.

3. Offer your services or products pro bono or as a donation. We think this is one of the most rewarding marketing activities a business can participate in. If you sell products, non-profits are grateful to receive samples, returns, or defective items that can not be sold to customers. If you provide a service, it gives your business an opportunity to demonstrate your skills to a new audience. The volunteers you may be working with could be employees for companies that can be potential clients. Additionally, if you are in creative services, like design or photography, here is a great way to fill up your portfolio!

4. Donate a Gift Certificate or Products. Most fundraisers include silent auctions or raffles as a way to raise money at events. Donating a gift certificate or products not only helps the organization raise money, you may also end up finding new customers and clients.

5. Promote organizations you support on your blog or social media pages. Let your colleagues, customers, and clients know who you support. Talk about how you or your business supports them, why you support their cause, and share ways that others can help. You can also promote a campaign that co-markets a charity. “Like our page/website and we’ll donate $1 for each new Like is  a popular promotion. When executed properly, it can be an effective way to promote your business while bringing awareness to a cause you support.

There are so many more ways to help. Your own customers may have suggestions for you, too! Did you notice we didn’t even include on our list the idea in the graphic above? FitnessSF put open barrels at two of their locations and requested much needed household items for the local dog rescue organization, Muttville. Great idea, FitnessSF!

Do you have a great idea t oshare of how to help out a local charity? Please share with us by posting a comment below.

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